Can I make the same pattern with only some differences? Yes, you can.

Previously, we introduced that you can paint the same pattern with different colors to make more items. This is done by producing white body (unpainted) from the same set of molds, and then painting with different colors to make more items.

Sometimes we will encounter another situation: we only need to change the pattern partially, but most of the pattern is the same.

This can be done by carefully repairing the broken clay molds after the molds are finished and the first set of Silicon molds are made, and then making a second or third set of different silicon molds after the clay molds have been partially changed.

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For example, there is a General Tiger product that has the same overall style, but the only difference is the text on the bottom, which is “黃虎將軍 Yellow Tiger General” and “黑虎將軍Black Tiger General”.

In this case, please let us know when making the sample, and we will make the two products directly in the process of making the sample. Although it is necessary to make two sets of molds, it is easy to make two sets of products without increasing the cost too much.

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This can also be extended in many ways, such as this Japanese Kinkakuji, which can be customized for the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn, and winter, with different styles and colors for each season. The main body is the same, but can be made into four different styles, which are made by four sets of molds.

It is important to note that this method requires repeated use of the clay molds, so please let us know at the sampling stage that different styles are needed so that we can make the molds as complete as possible.

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