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Taiwan Office & Showroom (Taipei City)

We established our company in Taipei since 1981, and specialize in designing and manufacturing polyresin souvenirs, promotions, and 3D-image printings. In our showroom, there are more than 3,000 different items.

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Vietnam Factory (Hanoi City)

The factory locates in Hanoi, Vietnam.  We offer "one-stop service" to you: Design, Sample, Mass Production, Package, and Delivery.

Based on the 20 years experience, we are confident to offer you quality souvenir and promotion items.

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We offer high quality souvenir items for popular tourist destinations. The material we often handle are polyresin, clay, Pin, and lenticular (3D printing).

Please take a look on our product item page to get more idea about what we can do for you. Furthermore, if you have any new idea, please contact us.

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We develop new items for you, all you need to do is simply providing photos of the elements you want. Please visit our sample & production process page to get more information.

You can also contact us to discuss your inquiry, not only the items listed on our website, but also anything you want to make. We will reply you shortly.

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Our Customers

We join many trade show and exhibition every year, as a result, we know what is the most popular souvenir items in different countries.  When making your products, we will share these experiences and suggest you what to do better.

We supply to many countries in the world, and we keep designing more and more souvenir.