Cuckoo Clock Polyresin Magnet

Cuckoo Clock Polyresin Magnet has 1 function: Clock moves (use 1 Mercury battery)

Cuckoo Clock Polyresin Magnet is invented by us and is a best-selling item.

Polyresin material is moldable to make various shapes and sizes, such as in large size (bigger than 30cm) or in small size (around 1 cm).  Furthermore, it can present different effects, such as smooth, rough, flat paint, gloss paint, glitter, or 3D view…etc.

Please provide your design/photo/artwork and we can start to make Polyresin magnet sample for you.  Please visit the sample process for your information.

Decoration ways: The magnets on the backside can be attached on iron surface.  The hole on the backside can also be hanged on the wall.

Material: 1 Mercury battery, Clock machine device, Polyresin

Category: Souvenir, Gift, Decoration

Theme: Scenery, Country, City, Company, Holiday, Event

Mercury battery

Hang on the wall

Backside comes with strong magnet and a hole to fix on the wall.

Package : Craft Paper Box

For Cuckoo Clock Polyresin Magnet, we use “Craft Paper Box” for safety transportation and increasing the high quality.

On the backside of craft paper box, you can print your company information and product information. Battery will be attached in the package.