Polyresin Water Ball / Snow Dome

Polyresin Water Ball / Snow Dome is one of the most popular souvenir item around the world. If you use polyresin material to make water ball, not only it can make varied designs, but also it can present a sophisticated handmade craft to increase the value of souvenir.

Polyresin material is moldable to make various shapes and sizes, such as in large size (bigger than 30cm) or in small size (around 1 cm).  Furthermore, it can present different effects, such as smooth, rough, flat paint, gloss paint, glitter, or 3D view…etc.

Please provide your design/photo/artwork and we can start to make Polyresin magnet sample for you.  Please visit the sample process for your information.

Ball size: Diameter 45mm/ 65mm/ 80mm

Material: Polyresin, Glass ball, Antifreeze liquid

Category: Souvenir, Gift, Decoration

Theme: Scenery, Country, City, Company, Holiday, Event

Standard Package

For Polyresin Water Ball / Snow Dome, we use “PET box” or “Paper box” for safety transportation.

You can also choose other kinds of package for your products.