Ceramic Peeler Polyresin Magnet

Ceramic Peeler Polyresin Magnet is very handy and functional than everyone can ever imagine. The blade is made of Ceramic: Harder, lighter, sharper and won’t get rusty.  Ceramic peeler with various designs of polyresin handle makes the cooking time more joyful.

There are two different blades inside the package of Ceramic Peeler Polyresin Magnet: The thick blade is for thick surface vegetables and fruits and the thin blade is for thin surface vegetables and fruits. People can easily switch the two blades as occasion requires.

Polyresin magnet is the most popular material of fridge magnet. This material is moldable to make various shapes and sizes, such as in large size (bigger than 30cm) or in small size (around 1 cm).  Furthermore, it can present different effects, such as smooth, rough, flat paint, gloss paint, glitter, or 3D view…etc.

Please provide your design/photo/artwork and we can start to make Polyresin magnet sample for you.  Please visit the sample process for your information..

Material: Ceramic blades, ABS resin bracket, Polyresin

Category: Souvenir, Gift, Decoration

Theme: Scenery, Country, City, Company, Holiday, Event

Standard Package

For Ceramic Peeler Polyresin Magnet, we suggest to pack slide-on blister card or craft paper box for increasing the high quality and safety transportation and sales.

On the backside of slide-on blister card or craft paper box, you can print your company information and product information.

The detailed product instruction will be printed as well.

Buried Magnet

buried-magnet - buried-magnet-01
buried-magnet - buried-magnet-02

YE YE enterprise adopt “Buried Magnets” inside polyresin product with beautiful polished appearance. 

There is no fear of falling magnets anymore.

buried-magnet - Ferrite-magnet
buried-magnet - NdFeB-magnet

In the past, NdFeB magnet or Ferrite magnet are stuck with glue on the backside of product.

In this way, as time goes by, magnets are often falling down because the glue gets dry by different temperatures.

buried-magnet - buried-magnet-03
buried-magnet - buried-magnet-04

Adopting Buried Magnets, there is no gap between polyresin product and surface board. 

The magnetic force gets even stronger.