Mass Production

uploads - sample

1) Sample stage

The first step in mass production is to confirm the samples, which serves as the basis for our manufacturing. For details on the sample production process, please click here to visit sample production process page for more information.

uploads - mass production mold

2) Mass production molds

Once samples are confirmed, we make mass production molds. Silicone molds are soft in material, and the heat generated during the production process can gradually cause damage to the molds. We will, as needed, remake this mass production mold based on the circumstances.

uploads - color mixing

3) Color mixing

While producing mass production mold, preparations for the paint pigments used in coloring are also underway. Aside from special colors and primary colors, our paints are all reconfigured for each order based on the colors specified in the samples.

uploads - white body

4) Polyresin white body

After the completion of mass production molds, the production of white bodies begins. In this stage, we need to take good care of removing surface defects, ensuring that delicate parts do not break, and wash white bodies, among other considerations.

uploads - hand painting

5) Hand-painting

After the completion of white body, the painting team start production. The coloring process is entirely manual, utilizing various painting tools to meticulously depict details. This stage is also the most time-consuming part of the entire production process.

uploads - qc package

6) Quality check / Packaging

After the completion of painting, a quality check and packaging process is initiated to reconfirm the quantity, ensuring both quality and quantity are correct. For items with more components, such as cuckoo clocks, this is the stage where those additional accessories are assembled.