Package for your products

package - package-PEfoam_bubblebags

Bubble Bags / PE Foam

This is the most common way to package your products, and it is also our standard package.

The bubble bags / PE foam will prevent your products from damage during transportation.

package - package-OPP-bags

OPP Bags

We can insert your products into OPP bags.  Once you receive the goods, you just need to put them on the display board.

If more products / company information is needed, we can put a piece of cardboard at backside.

package - package-PVC-box-1


PET box is more common for figure and collections.  If your design is sharp and thin, we will also recommend you to use PET box, because it can prevent damage during transportation.

In side the PET box, you can also make cardboard for your products/company information.

package - package-kraft-paper-box-1

Kraft Paper Box/Print paper box

You can select to use Kraft paper box for your products.  At the back side (and both sides) of the box, you can print your product/company information.

For Cuckoo Clock Polyresin Magnet, we always use Kraft Paper Box for safety transportation.

package - package-blister-1

Blister (Clamshell)

Blister (similar to clamshell) will fit exactly the products.

There are cardboard/product/blister, and you can hang it on the display stand.

Unlike PVC box and paperbox, one blister fit exactly the product, but it can not use for other product shape.