Package for your products

package - package PE foam bubblebags01

Bubble Bags/PE Foam

Bubble bags and PE Foam are the basic package way and it is our standard package.

Each product will be wrapped in a bubble bag or PE Foam. If the product has sharper edges, we will enforce it to prevent damage. This is to avoid damage during transportation.

package - package OPP bags02

OPP Bags with Header (Adhesive)

OPP plastic bags have adhesive on the back, so after placing the product inside, you can seal the bag to prevent product from falling out.

There is a hole at the top of the bag, allowing customers to hang the product on a shelf hook. You can also print product information or company details on a paper card and place it inside the plastic bag along with the product.​

package - package OPP bags05

OPP Bags (Adhesive)

OPP plastic bags come with adhesive on the back, which allows you to seal the bag after placing the product inside, preventing the product from falling out and keeping it clean.

If you need to include product information or company details, you can also insert a printed paper card with this information inside the bag.

package - package PET box01


PET transparent boxes are often used for packaging 3D figurines or sets of 3-4 items or more. When products have sharp or delicate parts, we also recommend using PET box to minimize the risk of breakage during shipping.

You can insert a cardboard piece behind the product to provide product information or a company overview.

package - package kraft paper box01

Kraft Paper Box (With/Without Window)

Kraft paper box is a classic package. They aren't as plain as white boxes, as vibrant as colored boxes, or as transparent as PET boxes. You can print product information or a company overview on the back and sides.

For cuckoo clock products, we will use kraft paper boxes to prevent breakage during shipping.

package - package color print box01

Color Printed Paper Box (With/Without Window)

Color printed paper box is typically made from cardstock, corrugated cardboard, or rigid paperboard. Many customers choose to use this because box design can perfectly showcase the product and brand style, resulting in excellent promotional effects that leave a clear impression of the brand or product on the customers.

You can choose to have a window (by adhering a layer of transparent PET) or no window (where the internal product is not visible from the outside of the box).

package - package blister02


A transparent cover, vacuum-formed plastic box, or blister pack is custom-made to match the size and shape of the product, ensuring the product remains securely in place and reduces movement. It can also be hung on display shelves.

The transparent cover is designed specifically for one product shape. Each type of transparent cover requires a unique mold for customization, which can be relatively expensive.