Smile Cuckoo Clock Magnet with Auto-swinging pendulum

The Smile Cuckoo Clock can be placed on a table, with its mechanism controlling two functions: Auto-swing pendulum and clock hands movement. The magnets on backside for attachment to metal surfaces and holes for hanging on wooden boards or walls.

It uses LR44 mercury batteries x2pcs (non-rechargeable): one for auto-swing pendulum and one for the clock hands movement.

Polyresin is a type of low-temperature resin and allows for the production of small quantities of diverse products, presenting various surface textures: smooth, rough, matte, glossy, shiny, and 3D effects.

Please provide your image design, and we can start making samples. For more information, please click here to go to sample process page.

There are several standard design styles available and you can place an order directly. Please contact us for further discussion.


In the kraft paper box, LR44 mercury batteries x2pcs (non-rechargeable) are included: one for pendulum swinging, and the other for clock mechanism.

For some models with fewer features, it uses only 1pc battery.

Package : Kraft Paper Box

We package the cuckoo clock with a printed Kraft paper box, providing a high-quality texture and enhanced protection to prevent damage during transportation.

The back of the paper box can be printed with customer information or product details.