Polyresin Snow Globe / Water Ball

Polyresin Snow Globe / Water Ball is one of the most popular souvenir item around the world. If you use polyresin material to make water ball, not only it can make varied designs, but also it can present a sophisticated handmade craft to increase the value of souvenir.

The snow globe diameter size is usually common: 45mm / 65mm / 80mm / 100mm and 120mm. If you want to make different size or shape, please contact us.

Polyresin is a type of low-temperature resin and allows for the production of small quantities of diverse products, presenting various surface textures: smooth, rough, matte, glossy, shiny, and 3D effects.

Please provide your image design, and we can start making samples. For more information, please click here to go to sample process page.

Package:PET box

For snow globe / water ball, we use “PET box” or “Paper box” for safety transportation.

You can also choose other kinds of package for your products.