Polyresin Candlestick

Polyresin product can also incorporate practicality by serving as containers, such as candle holders, toothpick holders, pen holders, jewelry boxes, and more. The base features an encompassing pattern with unique designs in 360 degrees.

Polyresin is a type of low-temperature resin and allows for the production of small quantities of diverse products, presenting various surface textures: smooth, rough, matte, glossy, shiny, and 3D effects.

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Polyresin Shot Glass

At the bottom of circular container, a switch is installed, and one small decoration is installed on the glass. After picking up the glass, the base will play music. Whether at a party or enjoying a drink at home, it adds a touch of fun.

Shot glasses are sometimes easy to breakage during transport. It is recommended to cover it with PET transparent boxes or kraft paper boxes to reduce the probability of breakage during shipping.


package - package PE foam bubblebags01

Bubble Bags/PE Foam

Bubble bags and PE Foam are the basic package way and it is our standard package.

Each product will be wrapped in a bubble bag or PE Foam. If the product has sharper edges, we will enforce it to prevent damage. This is to avoid damage during transportation.

package - package color print box01

Color Printed Paper Box (With/Without Window)

Color printed paper box is typically made from cardstock, corrugated cardboard, or rigid paperboard. Many customers choose to use this because box design can perfectly showcase the product and brand style, resulting in excellent promotional effects that leave a clear impression of the brand or product on the customers.

You can choose to have a window (by adhering a layer of transparent PET) or no window (where the internal product is not visible from the outside of the box).

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