Jump-Out-Bird Cuckoo clock

The Cuckoo Clock has 3 functions: Auto-swing pendulum, clock hands movement, and jump-out-bird.

There is a motion sensor hole on cuckoo clock. When movement or a swing is detected, the bird will pop out, accompanied by the cuckoo clock sound and music.

Two sets of batteries:

1) LR44 mercury batteries x2pcs (non-rechargeable): one for pendulum swinging, and the other for clock mechanism.

2) Lithium batteries powered by Micro USB cable (rechargeable). It is responsible for jump-out-bird and musical components.

It can be customized, but there are restrictions on the size and weight of the box, the cuckoo clock body should have a maximum size of 16x9cm, excluding the hanging ornaments and pendulum.

Polyresin is a type of low-temperature resin and allows for the production of small quantities of diverse products, presenting various surface textures: smooth, rough, matte, glossy, shiny, and 3D effects.

Please provide your image design, and we can start making samples. For more information, please click here to go to sample process page.


The cuckoo clock utilizes lithium batteries for both jump-out-bird and musical components, which can be recharged using a Micro USB cable. There is a charging port located beside the switch, allowing control over the activation or deactivation of the jump-out-bird and music sound through the motion sensor.

In the kraft paper box, LR44 mercury batteries x2pcs (non-rechargeable) are included: one for pendulum swinging, and the other for clock mechanism.


We package the cuckoo clock with a printed Kraft paper box, providing a high-quality texture and enhanced protection to prevent damage during transportation.

The back of the paper box can be printed with customer information or product details.

Inside the box, there are LR44 mercury batteries x 2pcs included, while the Micro USB charging cable is not included.