PVC soft magnet / Micro injection magnet

PVC soft magnetic, also known as micro-injection soft magnetic, is a flexible magnetic material based on polyvinyl chloride (PVC). It is showcasing excellent flexibility and malleability, and acquires its magnetic properties during the micro-injection molding process.

This material finds extensive applications in the production of various soft magnetic products such as soft magnetic stickers, refrigerator magnets, educational magnets, and more. Due to its ease of processing, lightweight nature, and cost-effectiveness, PVC soft magnetic is a common choice for many promotional and advertising activities.

PVC soft magnetic can be molded into different shapes and sizes, is shatter-resistant, and is less susceptible to the effects of humidity and moisture. It can also achieve a 3D embossed effect.

If you wish to manufacture PVC soft magnetic products, please provide design drawings along with Pantone color codes.


package - package PE foam bubblebags01

Bubble Bags/PE Foam

Bubble bags and PE Foam are the basic package way and it is our standard package.

Each product will be wrapped in a bubble bag or PE Foam. If the product has sharper edges, we will enforce it to prevent damage. This is to avoid damage during transportation.

package - package color print box01

Color Printed Paper Box (With/Without Window)

Color printed paper box is typically made from cardstock, corrugated cardboard, or rigid paperboard. Many customers choose to use this because box design can perfectly showcase the product and brand style, resulting in excellent promotional effects that leave a clear impression of the brand or product on the customers.

You can choose to have a window (by adhering a layer of transparent PET) or no window (where the internal product is not visible from the outside of the box).

More selections for package, please visit ourpackage page.