Apply glossy finish to make polyresin products appear brighter and colors more vibrant.

Some customers may request the application of a glossy finish (gloss, varnish) on the surface of polyresin products.

The glossy finish is sprayed onto the product after the painting and QC quality inspection are finished. Its purpose is to make the product appear shinier, enhance color vibrancy, and provide a subtle reflection.

After applying the glossy finish, the product needs to be left to settle for 24 hours or more, or it can be heated in an oven to ensure the glossy finish is completely dry before packaging. If not fully dried, fingerprints may be left when touched.

posts - gloss varnish 02

If not coated with a glossy finish, the product will have a more realistic appearance, with textures such as wood or stone imitation being more pronounced.

posts - gloss varnish 03

If a glossy finish is applied, the smooth surface will appear shinier, and it will also reflect light.

posts - gloss varnish 01

Partial gloss can also be employed, in this Romanian style, only the logo in the upper right corner features glossy finish.

posts - gloss varnish 04

In the case of these two dolphin designs, only the sea surface and the dolphins are coated with a glossy finish, while the rest of the sky and background remain untreated.

posts - seaboy20

Left Image: Without gloss varnish coating
Right Image: With gloss varnish coating.

This Hammerhead shark style appears smoother, and the varnish coating enhances the overall appearance, making it more beautiful.

posts - gloss varnish 05

It’s worth noting that after applying a glossy finish, over time, it may cause the product a slight yellowish tint, especially for designs with a white base. We have experimented with various brands of gloss and different formulations to prolong the prevention of yellowing as much as possible. However, it’s challenging to achieve a 100% guarantee that it won’t yellow over time.

gloss varnish

We apply a glossy finish based on customer request or market style trends. However, for more realistic designs such as animal fur, stone, wood, etc., we typically choose not to apply a glossy finish to maintain the original surface texture.