[Sample] Green Island-SeaBoy – Manta, Whale shark, Hammerhead shark

Polyresin magnets with seaside scenery and animal designs have always been a classic style. This time, the client is SeaBoy from Green Island, Taiwan. They asked us to create three marine life styles: Manta, Whale Shark, and Hammerhead Shark.

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The client provided clear and comprehensive design artworks. After confirming size, we began the process of creating clay model.

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Clay mold are made using oil-based clay, which has a soft texture and cannot be shipped to clients for a physical review. Therefore, we take photos from various angles to allow the client to confirm design. This includes images from the front, left, right, top, and bottom. In the case of 3D figurines, if needed, we may provide videos to showcase 3D effect.

Client confirms these photos are accurate, we proceed to create silicone molds and then paint the samples.

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Upon completing painted samples, we once again take photos from different angles to provide the client with confirmation.

The client promptly approved the painting style, and we proceeded to complete sampling process. We then sent 2 pieces to the client. These samples also serve as the guildline for mass production.

Whale Shark

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The design for this whale shark appears to be particularly challenging, due to the need to accurately represent the blue spots on the surface.

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When making clay mold, we made the dorsal fin and tail fin slightly more raised to enhance the overall 3D appearance.

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With these adjustments, the design of the whale shark is complete.
Those various shades of circular spots on its back are hand-painted by our skilled artists.

Hammerhead Shark

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The height of this hammerhead shark is set at 8cm. Following the proportional design, the SEABOY Logo on fish fin would have been reduced to just 1cm, making it too small for painting.
After discussing this with client, we decided to move the Logo to the back of hammerhead shark for a more suitable size.

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Left Image: Without varnish coating
Right Image: With varnish coating.

This style appears smoother, and the application of a thick varnish coating enhances the overall appearance, making it more beautiful.

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With these adjustments and the completion of the sampling process, we have successfully finished the project.

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