How to make products look more vibrant? Try to achieve finer and more detailed painting

Painting process – The most time-consuming and labor-intensive part of creating polyresin products.

There are two methods of painting: air-spray painting and hand-painting.

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Air-spray painting is done using an airbrush, and it is typically used for covering large areas like the background, sky, or base color. It offers a fast painting speed and allows for even color application.

Special effects such as the aurora, facial blush, sunset, neon lighting, and more are also achieved through air-spray painting.

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Hand-painting is the most intricate part of the production process, because it involves the meticulous process of using tools to paint stroke by stroke.

Depending on the specific painting requirements, different tools such as coarse brushes, fine brushes, or syringes may be used for coloring.

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